Aloft In His Perch: Eko’s Favorite Spot In Dallas

The Aloft Hotel in downtown Dallas has a lot going for it – great location, easy parking, no weight limits for pets and a bunch of other nice perks.  But as far as Eko was concerned, there was only one amenity he cared about – the perch.

Aloft was converted into a hotel from an old warehouse, so between the desk and the wall there was a small ledge at window height.  Eko fell in love with that little nook and basically spent the entire week there sunbathing and watching the world go by.

dog friendly hotel dallas

Eko watched over the city like Batman

dog friendly hotel dallas

And checked in with me to see how the posts were coming

dog friendly hotel dallas

“Hey Will, are there any treats left?”

We had a great week at Aloft for a lot of reasons, but Eko would like to personally thank whoever decided to build that ledge.  It really made his week.

The only thing I know about Oklahoma is that the state borders were designed in tribute to the “We’re #1” foam finger, so this week should be full of discoveries.  We had an amazing three weeks in Texas so a big tip of our imaginary cowboy hat to Houston, Austin and Dallas.

See you in OKC!

8 thoughts on “Aloft In His Perch: Eko’s Favorite Spot In Dallas”

  1. hey there! so glad you liked your visit to Big D!!! will you be putting your blogs and pix into a book when you have completed your travels? i sure hope so – my pups and i would like it to read about your entire adventure over and over! have fun in OKC!! dana (aka ladyhawk875)

    • We just got to OKC in the middle of a driving rainstorm. Hopefully we can get a few clear days this week! Bricktown is definitely on our list of places to check out – I hear it’s a great place for a walk.

      Dana, thanks again for your recommendations, Dallas was awesome! I would love to put together some kind of book or really complete summary when this is all said and done, so I’ll be sure to let everyone know about that when the time comes.


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