The New Workout Plan

Eko is my partner in crime and my loyal companion.  But the other day I realized that Eko also helps me out in a way which I never really thought about before.  And then I realized that I could potentially make a lot of money by selling his help!

Let me know what you think of the “infomercial” I put together for our new product.  I think it’s going to be a big hit.  Ladies and gentleman, I present the M.E. 365!


10 thoughts on “The New Workout Plan”

  1. I can provide a testimonial. With my Ridgeback Workout Partner (RWP) I’ve lost over 75 pounds in just 2 1/2 years. These dogs really work! Meanwhile, how did you get a ridgeback to balance treats and jerky on their nose? No ridgeback I’ve ever know (and I’ve had three) would ever put up with that. I’ve enjoyed your site, and you are both a credit to Ridgebacks everywhere. Thanks.

    • It’s definitely a herculean effort to keep up with a Ridgeback. Kudos to your awesome accomplishment! As you know, Ridgebacks are food OBSESSED, but while on the road I had the luxury of time so I taught Eko very, very slowly. He is definitely a champ for putting up with my antics. Thanks for your kind note!

  2. Think you and the E-man are on to something big. My home gym is now curbside. Looking forward to those (virtually effortless) six pack abs and delts of steel.

    C. Bray NYC


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