Hide And Go Treat

When he was a pup, Eko was entirely uninterested in working for treats.  When I asked him to sit, he would reluctantly drop his hind legs while whining.  The rough translation for his whine was, “Come on! Just give me the treats!”  Eko eventually came around and was a good student for the most part, but he steadfastly refused to ever search for treats that I would hide around the house.

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“Tell you what , Will- you search the rest of the house and I’ll check the couch”

I guess our time on the road must have made Eko game for any adventure because now he seems happy to search for hidden treats in the apartment.  Here is a quick video of Eko in action – if your dog is an expert treat hunter it would be great to hear how you practice with them.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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