Is There Anywhere Eko Can’t Sleep?

Eko is a dog of many talents.  He is an excellent personal trainer, piano player and social media expert.  But above all else, I’ve realized that if “Sleeping” is ever introduced in the Olympics, Eko will be the Michael Phelps of the sport.

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Like everyone, Eko is happy to catch some z’s on a comfy mattress

dog friendly blog

And like the rest of us, he often falls asleep when reading a book

pet friendly dog blog

He may have learned the “pass out on the couch with your tongue out” move from me

Bed, floor and couch are all pretty standard, but Eko’s commitment to finding a comfy spot goes much further.

pet friendly dog blog

No couch in sight?  Porch swing works just fine.

pet friendly dog blog

Eko has also mastered the art of squeezing himself into one cushion chairs

No cushions? No problem.

dog friendly pet blog

While art museums sometimes make me sleepy, Eko took that thought all the way when he passed out at a gallery

dog friendly pet blog

I don’t know how sleeping on a moving trolley is comfortable, but Eko’s commitment to sleep is unmatched, so he happily dreamed away

Now, you might think that all of our adventures tire Eko out, but I can promise you that he always gets a good nights rest and he always has a nice spot to sleep.  Between two couches, two dog beds and a few blankets there is always a comfy spot for Eko to doze.  So guess where he decides to sleep…

dog friendly pet blog


I have yet to figure out why Eko thinks sleeping on a small step is preferable to everything else, but hey, he’s the expert.  So if you ever find yourself wondering, “Hey, I wonder what Eko is up to right now?”  The safe answer is SLEEPING!


My RR Nina does the same thing…She is a snoozing machine as I believe most RRs are………Nina has snoozed like a champ from the time she was 8 weeks old…….she is up at a moments notice to go for a walk , or play…but if there is nothing going on , she does nothing but snooze and she will snooze anywhere in the house,,,the couch, the bed, the floor, U name it , and she will snooze there!!

That’s so funny you say that Erina, because the more people with Ridgebacks I hear from the more I realize how similar they are. Eko has two settings, ON and OFF, nothing in between!

Yep! Ridgebacks are known to be great loungers. My Rooi’s favorite is the sofa located right next to the window, so he can do his “arm-chair guarding” from a spot where he can keep an eye on the neighbors.

Eko and Blossum would probably have a lot in common. I swear she sleeps 20 hours a day, always where you might be walking next. Gotta love that smoonchie face on the leather chair though, priceless. Sweet Dreams.

And there in lies the truth, the dog does what the dog wants to do. The question with Eko is never “Why?” it is always, “Why not!?”

I Love Eko! I have to relay you a short little story about your blog. On day quite a while ago, before I was blogging my Techy hubby sent me an email to check out a blog about this guy who was blogging about his dog and took pictures of him in odd places. I checked it out and loved it but knew nothing about blogs so I forgot (God Forbid) about it. A few days ago I was laughing at you swaddling Eko. The hubby was home and wanted in on the joke so I showed him your post. Then I remembered his showing me that website long ago and asked him about it. Come to find out he remembered Eko’s name and confirmed it was one in the same. Wow you two are really popular for my hubby to find you and then for me to find you at a much later date……. amazing! lol

Nancy, thanks so much for sharing the story, it totally made my day! Usually when someone knows about Eko and I it means that we’re on the run from the authorities again, so it’s nice to hear that we’re known for other reasons too. I’ve had a smile on my face all day, so thanks to you and your husband!

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