Even Superdog Needs A Day Off

Eko is always ready for adventure… well, almost always.  This morning he was a bit lethargic and I could hear his stomach growling.  I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with the treat raid Eko conducted last night when I accidentally left the jar open next to the couch…

dog friendly blog chicago

The patient tucked into bed

It looks like our Bucket List adventures are on hold today while Eko sleeps off his stomach ache.  Eko hasn’t missed a day of work play in over a year, so I think my Superdog has earned himself a sick day.

pet friendly blog chicago

Like Superman, Superdog recharges his powers from the sun

With a little rest and a little pumpkin/rice, Eko should be as good as new by tomorrow.


ahhh poor Eko. Pumpkin – to settle a stomach, that is interesting; I thought ginger was the elixir. Hope you guys are both back on the trail tomorrow. Any chance a sky dive is on the bucket list?

I think Eko and our miniature dachshund (Arri) could be good friends! As brand new full-time RVers (just over two weeks) we are noticing that Arri is wiped the day after our travel days. Take note that on travel days, she gets to recline in a soft, comfortable, elevated for her viewing pleasure bed where is strapped in safe and sound. Not a bad way to travel, if you ask me! Check out our blog if you are interested. cr8ingthelife.blogspot.com

Nice to hear from fellow cross-species cross-country adventurers, thanks for checking in! Life on the road is not always easy, but it is definitely fulfilling and rewarding. Now that Eko and I are in one place for a while, I’ll have to get my travel fix from you guys. Enjoy the trip!

Thanks guys – Eko is getting the royal treatment and I’m sure he’ll be back to 100% in no time. My vet recommended rice, plain chicken and a bit of pumpkin for digestive issues – it worked last time, so I’m hoping for similarly quick results!

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