Even Superdog Needs A Day Off

Eko is always ready for adventure… well, almost always.  This morning he was a bit lethargic and I could hear his stomach growling.  I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with the treat raid Eko conducted last night when I accidentally left the jar open next to the couch…

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The patient tucked into bed

It looks like our Bucket List adventures are on hold today while Eko sleeps off his stomach ache.  Eko hasn’t missed a day of work play in over a year, so I think my Superdog has earned himself a sick day.

pet friendly blog chicago

Like Superman, Superdog recharges his powers from the sun

With a little rest and a little pumpkin/rice, Eko should be as good as new by tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Even Superdog Needs A Day Off”

  1. ahhh poor Eko. Pumpkin – to settle a stomach, that is interesting; I thought ginger was the elixir. Hope you guys are both back on the trail tomorrow. Any chance a sky dive is on the bucket list?


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