The Case Of The Missing Eko

Dogs, like the rest of us, are creatures of habit.  Within about a week of moving into my apartment, I could already tell where Eko’s favorite spots to relax were.

With that in mind, there is a phenomenon all dog owner’s experience that I like to call “Hey…it’s been too quiet for too long.”  It normally happens when you’re reading something, or on the computer or otherwise occupied.  In the middle of a sentence your brain will shoot you a message to let you know, “Normally you never have this much time to focus, something’s up.”  A moment later you will think to yourself, “Wait a minute…where’s the dog!?”  Then you call the dog but you don’t hear the familiar padding of feet.

In my experience, I’ve found that there are two opposing reasons that this phenomenon occurs.  Reason #1 – your dog is up to no good.

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“Will, quick question… you asked me to eat those new shoes for you, right?”

This morning I had that “Where’s Eko?” feeling and I didn’t hear that stomach dropping sound of him tearing anything up.  He didn’t come when I called, and I’ve learned that reason #2 he won’t show up is that he’s in a deep sleep.  I made a quick loop of the apartment to check out in which one of his favorite spots he was dreaming of chasing lions.

dog friendly blog pet friendly chicago

I usually find Eko passed out with his legs straight in the air on the couch, but no luck there

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I don’t know why Eko loves snoozing on the the stairs, but he does.  Nevertheless, the stairs were clear.

dog friendly blog pet friendly travel chicago

On hot days like today, Eko prefers the hardwood, but there were no signs of a Ridgeback on ground level

My apartment is not that big, so I began to get slightly concerned.  Eko is not exactly a little dog, where could he have gone?  That’s when a gust of wind fluttered the curtains and I saw a familiar outline…

dog friendly travel blog pet friendly chicago

I’d recognize that ridge anywhere

dog friendly travel blog pet friendly chicago

You looking for me?

When I opened the porch door this morning, I didn’t realize that the screen wasn’t closed.  Eko ducked through the curtains to watch the world for the better part of an hour.  I think Eko would make an excellent lifeguard – he loves being in the sun and he loves watching people.

It looks like Eko found a new favorite spot, so I will have to make sure to leave the screen door open so the neighborhood watchdog can get to his post.


Living in a duplex and having recently gotten Doggy is proving to put my heart to the limit whenever he goes “missing”. As for his fav resting spot, is the shower, he loves it there, however, I do not leave the bathroom door open if I’m not around because he loves to play with plastic and if he grabs a bottle of shampoo that’s won’t be pretty.

I think I’m going to start a business where I make dog beds out of uncomfortable material. I got this great bed for Eko but most of the time he ends up in some screwball place anyways.

oh man, that sofa pose is awesome. You must’ve laughed when you found Eko there. I know exactly what you’re referring to, just a couple of nights ago I lost track of Blossum and after a panic’d whispery search (Mr B. was already in bed sleeping), I found her under the bed (I had to get out the flashlight), I guess it was cooler there. I wish we lived up high enough to let our pets on the balcony, she’d like it. Lucky Eko.

You really have to earn your stripes as a pet-owner, and I think everyone has to survive at least a few “Where’s the dog?” moments.

Now, could Eko survive having two cats brought home? Maybe, but I don’t think the apartment would survive!

This is a story to Eko from Rooi.
Eko, you know how challenging it is being a Ridgeback, right? W’ere expected to be a perfect representative of our breed and handsome to boot. We also have to live up to our reputation for being guard-dogs and able to chase down game. Well, my whole world was turned upside down a couple of weeks ago when my mom brought home not one, but two homeless kittys. They have fur, like rabbits. Can you imagine how hard its been…….. but then I finally realized that since they are now part of our family, they too need my protection. If only I could teach them to play with “large” (140 lb) me, we’d be in business. See ya”..
From a fellow traveling Ridgeback,

Nice one Eko – you’re obviously over the treat max out. We too have those heart stopping moments of ‘where on earth?’. Why is it so shocking when you find out they haven’t been up to no good?

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