Am I A Pet Psychic?

The other day I saw an interesting video about a pet psychic.  The video raised one very important question – “What if I am a pet psychic and I never knew about my secret ability?”  Luckily Eko was willing to be a test subject to see if I have the power to read pets’ minds.


rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly blogThe first step in any job is to have the proper equipment.  I didn’t have any of that, so I made do with a makeshift turban and a pumpkin for a crystal ball

rhodesian ridgeback, pet psychic“Mr. Eko, I’m looking into my pumpkin and I’m seeing…”

rhodesian ridgeback, pet psychic

“…that you want to eat this treat”

rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly blog

“Oh my gosh, Will!  How did you know exactly what I was thinking!?”

pet friendly blog, pet psychic

“I told you I was psychic!!! But let’s try once more to be sure”

dog blog, pet blog

“Hmm, my not-quite-crystal ball is telling me that there is something else on your mind now.  You don’t want that treat…”

pet friendly blog, pet psychic

“…you want this one!!”

rhodesian ridgeback, pet friendly blog

Eko didn’t answer, but since he took the entire treat in one bite that barely fit in his mouth, I can assume my reading was spot on

I think we can all agree that after this rigorous testing, the only logical conclusion is that I am a pet psychic.  The only other possibility is that Eko is always thinking the same thing, but surely there is no way his only thoughts are about eating treats…right?

Like I said, there is no doubt that I am a psycho.  Um, I mean a psychic!

22 thoughts on “Am I A Pet Psychic?”

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  2. Crazy fun stuff, you kill me. Don’t know when you think these things up but that’s the funniest concept for a Post. I checked out the Link…..mmmmmm I hope she doesn’t charge too much for her talents. Wednesday should have told her mommy that the lady was silly.

    • Not even I could tell you where the crazy ideas in my brain come from – it’s a dark and dangerous place in there! I can’t speak for other psychics, but so far, I have a 100% success rate with my readings. I’m just that good…or Eko is just that hungry!


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