How To Keep Your Pet’s Smile Bright

Did you know that Febuary is Pet Dental Health Month?  Yeah, me neither.  I have a tough time tying my shoes, so keeping track of the ever growing number of themed-months is pretty much out of the question.  Nevertheless, keeping your pet’s pearly whites up to snuff is extremely important – just ask Eko.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

“Big Valentine’s date plans tomorrow, Will.  Can’t go smelling like dog food!”

I used to think that brushing your pet’s teeth was excessive, but my family’s first dog had serious dental issues in his senior years, so I know how important it is to keep those chompers in top shape.  I wish I could say I was better about it, but I try to include brushing Eko’s teeth on his weekly spa day where I brush his coat, trim his nails and give him a bath.

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The tools of the trade.  Some people prefer the hand brush, but I have found the finger brush is much more effective…as long as you don’t mind getting up close and personal!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet blog

The good news is that Eko loves the beef-flavored toothpaste, so he thinks it is a treat

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

To start, it is always a race to see if I can get the brush to Eko’s teeth before he can lick it off.  After that, things get…interesting 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Eko’s “so this is awkward” face

Much as we people sit awkwardly in a dental chair, Eko has learned to just grimace a bit and deal with having my hand halfway in his mouth for a couple minutes.  Between brushing and intermittent cleanings at the vet, hopefully Eko’s teeth will be healthy for years and years to come!

Anyone have treats or tricks that they use to keep their pet’s teeth and gums healthy?

19 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Pet’s Smile Bright”

  1. After working on consistency, finally ‘Every night teeth brushing’ became a habit. Yrs of brushing once or twice a wk is not productive and I had to scrape off on my own yrs of plaque n tartar accumulation to start a routine of brushing every night (cleaning at the vet would have been $200 for one dog I have two pooches). Now their ‘pearly whites’ are spotless bad bread is gone!!!!

  2. This is great information. My little Champ does not let me brush his teeth… He is quick on the licking the toothpaste…

    However I do give him lots is chew toys/bones to help keep his teeth clean. Just got h the nylabone and he loves it!!!

  3. I love that first picture! Eko looks like he is about to brush his own teeth 😀

    Mom brushes my teeth every night before bedtime and she puts some special Biotene enzyme stuff in our water 🙂 My kitties do not seem to enjoy teeth brushing so much as I do, so they get some special Biotene gel on their gums instead. They don’t seem so crazy about that either. And my bunny doesn’t need her teeth brushed; mom just has to check to make sure she’s wearing her teeth down evenly.

  4. We use a electric toothbrush and tooth paste with liver sausage ;o) But it’s difficult to get a good result. We had a bad experience with this toothbrushes which you can put on your finger – first it was painful for dad and later I nearly swallowed this thingy ;o)


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