Valentine’s Day Has Gone To The Dogs

A quick trip to the local pharmacy revealed that I am not the only one using man’s best friend instead of Cupid to show my love this Valentine’s Day.

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Whether it is Scooby Doo baskets, pet pal cards or chocolate pups, the secret is out – no one can resist four-legged charm! Cupid might be out of business soon if this keeps up

And what is the only thing better than a stuffed dog valentine?  A real one of course!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, valentine's day

Who could resist that face?
Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog blog

Eko and his Valentine hugging.  At least I think they’re hugging…
Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog valentine's day

Hey, wait a minute!

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What can I say? Eko’s a heart breaker!

 I think in the future Valentine’s Day might be renamed, “Love Like A Pet Day.”  They are the true masters of unconditional love and we could learn a lot from them about that particular subject.  And the best part about having a pet is that the love you like everyday is Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Will-I appreciate your honesty!!! Eko still deserves an Oscar for acting and you as well for directing!!!! Love you guys and your blog. Jen, Chris & lively lovable lab pup-Taylor (fellow Garden Staters 🙂


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