Growing Pains

Yesterday I received so many nice comments on Eko’s birthday post.  We appreciated all the well wishes and compliments – but luckily I also have people in my life who keep me grounded.  Family and close friends were quick to remind me that I left out an important era of the past two years – Eko’s trouble making phase!

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy

“Trouble maker?  Little old me…never!”

And so in fairness to history, I humbly submit just a few acts of Eko’s storied career as a knuckle head.

pet adventure

For a couple months, Eko went through a period where he considered being a cobbler.  He was happy to resize your shoes – as long as you wanted them a size smaller, that is

pet blogThe zoomgroom brush is one of the few survivors from Eko’s “Hey, I bet you I can chew through everything you own” phase
pet adventure

Eko also briefly dabbled in woodworking

There, the truth is out!  But of course as we all know, pets are about much more than just the cute times.  We may lose shoes, brushes or even doors, but the perspective we gain about what is important in life in invaluable!


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