Close Encounters Of The Bird Kind

Winter is certainly taking its sweet time leaving Chicago.  The waterline at the dog beach looks like it belongs in the Arctic Circle.

Rhodesian ridgeback, adventure

Eko “The Ice Breaker” refuses to let the mini-glaciers slow him down

Nevertheless, there are a few signs that spring weather must be near.  And while the dog beach was deserted of dogs, there were some new friends for Eko to check out.

Rhodesian ridgeback, adventure

It’s been a long time since Eko’s seen any ducks, so he was enthralled by the large flock a couple dozen yards off the beach

Rhodesian ridgeback, adventure

Eko decided to introduce himself to a pair of ducks.  I was certain they would fly away before he got anywhere near them

Rhodesian ridgeback, adventure

But Eko very calmly approached the two without making any sudden moves.  They watched him closely but didn’t seem bothered

Rhodesian ridgeback, adventure

I couldn’t believe how close he got!  There he was, just a few feet from the ducks, perfectly still.  I have no idea what his plans were, but they were quickly put to rest when the female duck started to chase Eko!

Rhodesian ridgeback, adventureSome tough guy Eko is!  The loud quacking and wing flapping sent Eko packing with his tail between his legs

Eko is indifferent to squirrels, loves chasing rabbits and geese but apparently wants to make peace with ducks.  Not sure how that works.

Anyone else have a funny inter-species meeting story with their pet? 


21 thoughts on “Close Encounters Of The Bird Kind”

  1. Will,
    Be glad Eko got spooked. When I was a kid, I once had to swim out 1/2mi to catch my Springer Brandy, who was convinced by a sneaky duck that he was going to catch him. Every time Brandy got close, the duck would swim out a few more feet. I think this duck had does this before.

    Currently, we have a red fox who thinks our deck is great. Chopper is very ofended! Despite his best attempts to catch the fox he’s been bested. This week he got a face full of slush when the snow bank gave out. I wish I had gotten it on video.

    • I am definitely not complaining. The same exact thing happened with my brother’s pointer and he had to chase him a mile downriver along the coast before some kayakers brought Dutch to shore! The moral of the story is that ducks get yucks from tormenting pups.

  2. That is so funny! I dont understanding it myself. Pierson will chase anything while Maya will only chase rabbits and squirrels. She is scared of cats and is indifferent to birds. Despite her breed, she wouldnt be very good at duck hunting. :0)

  3. Cute story and must be great fun in the ice. Tala has to walk the gauntlet to our park with chickens defending chicks and cocks defending hens – needless to say she rushes past them! The funniest encounter though was when she met a goat tied up outside our pub destined for the pot (this is Vietnam! At least the meat is fresh!) She has tried to make buddies several times and can never understand why they keep changing…. After a recent head-butt however she has now decided that they too are unpredictable and must be hurried past in order to get to some horn-less same species friends! Pictures here:

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