The Art Of Two Dogs At Play

Watching two dogs play together always makes me smile.  Their exuberance and joy is transcendent.  The ballet of two dogs at play is so well choreographed I often forget that the dogs met for the first time less than a minute before the dance began!

How do dogs know what the rules of play are? Sure pups usually get basic bite control and socialization when they’re young, but aside from that it seems to me like playing is an art and our dogs are lifelong artists who make up the rules as they go.  With Eko I have noticed that he has a wide variety of “brushes” to choose from when he wants to paint a moving portrait.

Bow before the dance

 Eko always begins playtime with a bow

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Usually Eko loves to give chase

The bandit

But the Windy City Bandit also has his methods to encourage another pups to chase him

"Hey, over here!"

There are no weight classes for dogs who want to play, although on more than one occasion a smaller dog has jumped up on Eko without him even noticing

Fearless pup

A direct approach is generally more effective

Evening up the playing field

For smaller dogs, Eko will purposefully even the field by laying down to play

Teaching the puppy

He also lays down to play with puppies.  This lab was hesitant to play, but as soon as Eko layed down the lab pounced.  I guess it’s a much less threatening posture

The clash

Somehow Eko knows not to jump into smaller dogs with all his weight

Getting bigAnd thankfully dogs even bigger than Eko seem to know this rule as well

IMG_6886It doesn’t matter if the friends are old or new, puppy or full grown, runners or wrestlers – as long as Eko gets to play, he leaves the park grinning from ear to ear

I’m not sure how dogs know exactly how to play with each other, but I’m also not sure how artists create their work.  I guess I’m just glad I get to be there to enjoy it!

18 thoughts on “The Art Of Two Dogs At Play”

  1. Heading to Chicago via North Dakota in a week or so. Hoping to catch one of those dog beaches in Chicago. Which one does Eko go to? I would love to have Luther & BuddyJack have some fun time.

    • Hey David, the beach you want to visit is called Montrose Dog Beach. The beach is huge and the water is beautiful – Eko and I just took a dip today actually. It’s right off Lake Shore Drive and parking is usually easy. Feel free to drop me a line here if you have any more questions or you can email me at willandeko @

  2. It is the unrestrained joy of the moment that makes my heart glad and teaches us humans to enjoy every moment for what it is!!

  3. I need Eko to come over and teach my guys how to play. Both come from bad situations, are older (8-9) and just don’t get the whole concept. I feel like they are missing out. Does he make house calls to California?


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