[VIDEO] Do Dogs Really Copy Our Yawns?

You can say many things about me, but you can never say I worry about looking like a fool.  It’s a nice luxury I have on account of the fact that I always look like a fool.  Recent research claims that dogs will copy their person’s yawn, but I haven’t seen those researchers post any video proof.  Why not?  Probably because people don’t want videos posted of them yawning at dogs like a bunch of fools.

Fear not.  I have no such qualms.  Here’s Eko and I putting the copycat yawn theory to the test. For science.


13 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Do Dogs Really Copy Our Yawns?”

  1. I actually tried this with Merle, our male ridgie after watching your video. He is a bit on the nervous side and I actually think this will calm him down when he gets anxious. Thanks for the tip!!


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