If My Dog Trusts A Mechanic, So Do I

My girlfriend, Emily, had car trouble the other day.  Which of course actually meant that I had car trouble because she borrowed my car and left me with hers!  Car trouble can be a pain, but I had the best mechanic I know take a look at it for me.

dogs, dog adventure, petcentric, marking our territory

Did I mention that I don’t actually know any mechanics in Chicago?

dogs, dog adventure, petcentric, marking our territory

“Yeah, Will, I don’t think I’m qualified for this.”

Finding a mechanic who you trust can be tricky business, but as usual I had Eko to help.  I found a few local shops and instead of calling I went for a run with Eko and made stops at each one.  At one of the shops Eko was an instant hit with the employees and they even brought out a water bowl and treat for him.  As it turned out, that shop also had very reasonable rates to go along with its friendly staff.  It was a perfect match for us.  We also met some new friends along the way.


“Charlotte” was hanging outside on her web. Eko wanted to go in for a closer sniff but I figured a photo would be safer

dogs, dog adventure, petcentric, marking our territory

This dog had me cracking up.  He just sat there in his “Most Interesting Dog In The World” pose watching us walk by.  No barks, no growls, nothing.  Just a dog enjoying the view

Once home, I thought Eko might have to steer the car while I pushed it to the shop but luckily I was able to limp it there under its own power.  I suspect the work was expedited because the staff was eager for me to bring Eko and his wagging tail back for another visit.  “He’s coming back with you to pick up the car, right?” one guy asked.  The car was ready by the end of the day and I got to look like a hero, all thanks to Eko!  But what else is new?

10 thoughts on “If My Dog Trusts A Mechanic, So Do I”

  1. I’ve spent many an hour at the tire place or the dealership with my dog. I go for a walk while they work. Or better yet it is close enough that I can drop off the car, walk home, and walk back once it is fixed. Nala has always been welcome. My current dealer is in another city and the walking isn’t great, but we find a way. A great way to make friends!

    • Exactly, it also makes us humans easier to remember. Now after only one visit the mechanics know who I am – “That guy who comes in with Eko.” I’m used to the title by now.


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