Know Any Good Tricks?

I used to think that teaching your dog tricks or commands beyond the basics was just for fun.  But the more time I spend working with Eko the more I realize how valuable training is for the both of us.


Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog adventure, pets

Recently Eko learned the “bow” command

Teaching Eko new tricks is like finding new ways to solve a puzzle.  It is always daunting at first, frequently frustrating when I can’t figure out how to put all the pieces together, but always rewarding when we get it right.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog adventure, pets


With each new trick we work on, I become a better communicator and Eko learns to be more attentive.  It is also a great way to keep Eko mentally stimulated.  And on days where we don’t head out for an adventure, a few training sessions also tire Eko out.

That’s why I’m in the market for a new trick to teach Eko.  Here’s a quick list of the ones he knows: Sit, down, stay, shake, spin, touch, roll over, bang! (play dead), and bow.

Anyone have suggestions for a new trick?  If not, I’m thinking we might have to try this one from Letterman.  I’m not sure where we’d start… but that’s just part of the fun!

30 thoughts on “Know Any Good Tricks?”

  1. Dudley’s trick with the ball is cute!

    What about walking backwards for Eko? We’ve actually found that quite useful when I’ve got myself into a spot where I couldn’t turn round.

  2. Learning new stuff is lots of fun! My Mom Person is always trying out new stuff with us. We play a hide and seek/hot and cold game where someone hides my toy and then tells me if I’m getting close with hot or cold. I LOVE that game! I bet you and Eko can come up with lots of fun stuff to do.


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