Love Knows No Age

The best part about being home is sharing love with my two and four-legged family.


Eko shared an aftenoon nap with his  big sister, Scout


He also enjoyed an evening snack, courtesy of my pops, with Dutch


And we met a new family member!


Oh wait, no we didn’t.  That’s just a statue

My grandfather, who is 103 years old (!), is staying with us this week and I have especially enjoyed watching him and Eko cozy up like old pals.  The two are kindred spirits.


Eko sat right on Grandpa’s lap to watch the news


And instead of sleeping on the couch, Eko nested right at my Grandpa’s feet

Whether it’s 1910 or 2013, a warm pup curled up next to you is a simple and timeless love.

And speaking of time, I’m off to the mall.  Good luck to all you other last minute shoppers. Remember our motto – “Next year, I’ll get all my shopping done early.”

25 thoughts on “Love Knows No Age”

  1. I’m so impressed with your Grandpa’s smile, he’s obviously still showing a lot of joy for life…that is tremendous! Don’t you think dogs have some sort of 6th sense? Eko would just know that your Grandpa would be happy to have him close. I never cease to marvel at their natural and simple way to make people so darn happy.

  2. This was the BEST post ever, Will. Family is what it’s all about at Christmas, whether it’s close friends, blood relatives, or our furry friends. And the last minute shopping is what I look forward to…. it jus seems right to wait until the Christmas spirit hits us. Have a very merry one and enjoy your wonderful family, and much love to Eko (he rocks). And that’s from another oldie, but goldie… It’s my 70th Christmas and I am so glad to have family, good friends, and my special Tuffy Cat to enjoy it with.
    Good luck with your new venture in 2014!
    Dottie and Tuffy


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