Does Your Dog Have A Built In Compass?

I will be the first to admit Eko and I have conducted some pretty ridiculous science experiments.  Here are just a few examples.

However, it appears a group of Nordic scientists have an even greater imagination that I do.  A recent study suggests “dogs are sensitive to small variations in the earth’s magnetic field.” “That is fascinating!” you say. “I wonder what complex test they used to discover this phenomenon?” you ask.  Well, bluntly put, the scientists spent two years watching dogs poop.


According to this study, dogs prefer to orient themselves along the earth’s north-south magnetic axis when relieving themselves. Why? The researchers did not speculate and I, for once, am at a loss for words.  If you have a hypothesis be sure to let me know.

And despite my attempts I now can’t get this study out of my head.  So if you see Eko and I walking around Chicago this weekend with a compass, know that it is not because I’m lost.  Although it may be another sign I’ve lost my mind!

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