No Substitutes For Love? I Disagree.


A few years ago I might have staunchly argued when it comes to love, there are simply no substitutes.  As he often does, Eko showed me a glaring error in my logic.  In fact, my own relationship is case in point.



My substitute in love

Emily works crazy hours and is in and out of the apartment at all times a day.  If I’m not home, or I’m asleep Emily always has Eko there to give her some love for me.  He is my on-call, 24/7 love emissary.


If I have work to do but Emily wants to nap on the couch? Eko has me covered.


My nap concierge 


Emily needs cheering up?  Eko’s has me covered.




How could you not smile?


And if I’m out of town and Emily needs someone to go for a run with? Eko has me covered.



As an added bonus, Emily gets a much better looking running partner!


Valentine’s Day gets a lot of people stressed out, but not me.  Know why?  Eko has me covered.






Love is hard work, luckily I have a helping paw from Eko!

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