What do you talk to your pet about?

I almost titled this post, “Do you talk to your pet?”  But let’s be serious. If you have a pet, I am 100% certain you talk to them.  How could you not?

Pets may not be great conversationalists, but they’re certainly great listeners. Last night I laughed when I caught myself in mid-soliloquy with Eko carefully listening to every word. It got me thinking about when and why I talk to Eko.

“Go on, Will. I’m listening.”

Rhetorical questions – “Where did I leave my shoes?”  “Do I need to go to the grocery store?” The list of rhetorical questions I ask Eko is endless. I think by speaking my thoughts it often helps jog my brain out of a rut.  When I run my ideas by Eko, I usually come up with an answer quicker than I would have otherwise.

Stating an observation – Just because there is no one around doesn’t mean I don’t have something to say. I’m glad to have Eko to share my observations with.  If you saw a man alone in the park shout “It’s a beautiful day!” or “What an afternoon!” you might be inclined to call the police.  Thankfully I have Eko by my side to listen to my proclamations and keep me out of an institution. For now.

“Nothing to see here people, just  my human making exclamatory observations”

2 vs 1 – We live in a democratic society so I figure it’s only right Eko gets a vote in household decision making.  I don’t see how it’s my fault that Eko always chooses to cast his vote the same way as I do.  Friday night takeout? “Ok Emily, you vote for veggie pizza? Well I vote pepporoni and Eko just told me he does too.”

At least Eko used to vote with me, but these days his vote seems to have been co-opted. Just the other night I heard, “What’s that Eko? You vote Will does this dishes? Me too!”


Comic relief – As far as comedic performances go, Eko is the best straightman (dog) a guy could ask for. He never breaks character!

If I need to get something done and Emily tells me there won’t be time, I turn to Eko and holler “Cancel all my appointments and tell your wife you’re going to be late for dinner tonight. We have work to do!” Whenever I need a laugh I can always count on Eko to get it for me.

Pets are excellent listeners and they certainly know how to keep a secret. There’s no better confidant around.  I talk to Eko all the time so I’m sure I have left out all sorts of examples.  So fill me in on your gossip – what do you talk to your pet about?

38 thoughts on “What do you talk to your pet about?”

  1. I talk to Gwynn all the time – mostly just random thoughts/comments. And, of course, the ‘how was your day? excellent? you napped ALL day? wooow, lucky dog!’ type comments. What amuses me is how very quickly a friend who dog-sat for me over a long weekend acquired this habit. She was shocked at how very quickly she became the ‘crazy girl stream-of-conscious talking as she walks the dog’. He’s better than a shrink!

    • That’s what I say too, I’m saving countless dollars in psych bills just by chatting Eko up every day. It’s a easy habit to pick up, they’re the best listeners!

  2. I talked to Jorga (pronounced Georgia) just like anyone else, I have from day one. She is truly my best friend. And like others have said here, I know she understands to a point. When I cry she comforts me, when I laugh, she runs around the house!

  3. I must admit that I talk to Sam all the time……the best part is he SEEMS to be listening! He answers me most often with his eyes rather than his mouth (!)…..Our pets have a lot to tell US too just as we share our thoughts and questions with them. They’re SO smart!



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