Introducing Auggie Doggie!

Our family just got a little bigger and a lot cuter. World, meet my mom’s new pup, Auggie!

Cuteness overload

Sick and tired of “a no good son who doesn’t visit enough” my mom decided it was time to find a replacement. This little fluff monster is undoubtedly better looking and less troublesome, so I wholly endorse my mom’s move.  While my mom fondly remembers Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy cartoons, this Auggie is named after the main character from the book Wonder.

I am desperate to meet the little guy, but my sister – aka the Treat Fairy – got there first and began working her magic.

Armed with a tasty morsel, my sister was on the hunt for cuteness and hugs

Mission accomplished!

I begged Helen to take some video. Here is a quick clip of this ferocious pup playing with his cow. 


It’s taking every ounce of self control not to jump in the car with Eko this very moment and head to NJ to meet the little guy. But rest assured I have a plan in the works to get back ASAP. I’m told that Auggie, like his namesake, is a sweet and gentle soul.

Sounds about right

I’m thrilled to have another pup in the family and I am very jealous of my mom right now. Looking forward to a romping good time at the next family reunion!


40 thoughts on “Introducing Auggie Doggie!”

  1. No DOUBT, cuteness overload! Heavens be…. one big o’hug-full of love. How did your mom come home with only one? I hope you can get there with Eko and enjoy some puppy time, it goes too fast. Congratulations Augie to finding your way to a great ‘Forever Family’ !

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