Another Snowstorm…

Just when I thought this winter couldn’t get any worse, this was our morning walk today.

Only kidding, April Fools!

“That’s not funny, Will”

Today is our second real-life-actual-for-serious-spring-weather-day in a row! There is hope. Not only that, but yesterday we actually saw something which I almost forgot existed.

A blaze of color and movement caught our eye. We haven’t seen much movement or color in the past five months. After I rubbed my eyes though, it was still there…

A robin! Spring must really be here

It was just one of those days where your tail wags a little higher than usual

As we meandered around the park, I realized it was the first day this year we have gone outside not to do anything in particular, but just to be outside. It’s a great feeling to have sun over our heads and grass under our feet/paws again.

Eko was so happy, he decided to give planet Earth a big hug.

“Oh, how I’ve missed you.”

We’re looking at spring showers for the next few days, but provided karma doesn’t kick me in the butt for making a joke about another storm, I think we’ve seen the last of year’s snow.

As is our annual custom, Eko and I are taking the day off.  The rest of the world has foolishness covered for today, but we have 364 other days to fill with nonsense, shenanigans and general tomfoolery.

33 thoughts on “Another Snowstorm…”

  1. It does feel great to finally get out without winter coats, gloves and boots (ha typed boats first). We’ve just enjoyed two days in a row and today a nice 8 C or 48F….hey feels tropical really.

    Thank you for hugging Earth Eko, that will bring us spring luck for sure. I haven’t spotted a Robin yet, but then again, it’s only been two days, hehe.


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