Having a Ball in our New Apartment

Most days I just act like a knucklehead, but yesterday I think my acting was Oscar worthy. Moving is no fun, so I plastered a fake smile on my face and used my best “happy voice” as I loaded Eko into the car for his first visit to our new digs. Dogs are master mood readers and I wanted Eko to have a positive association with the new place.

Ever the eager explorer Eko bounded up the stairs right to our door. I had already made a trip over earlier in the day so I think he followed the familiar scent. Not surprisingly, Eko’s first order of business was to visit what I suspect will become his new favorite spot.

Lots of windows means lots of sunbathing and people watching

Eko then took a trotting tour of the place and gave it a good sniff. While I unpacked, I gave Eko an old soccer ball to entertain himself with.

Eko bowed at his opponent and then the game was on

Eko pounced and romped and had a blast kicking the ball around

In no time at all the little troublemaker seemed right at homeAs I unloaded the car, Eko got his first few practice runs at being “alone” in the new place. Hopefully these smaller trips will help build up his comfort 

Eko also enjoyed exploring the fenced in back patio. It’s no backyard, but I think it will be a nice place to hang out on nicer days. It will also be a perfect place to work on training exercises with Eko’s little sister

I started the day with a fake smile, but Eko’s exuberance and excitement helped make that smile real. Scrubbing floors and lugging boxes is never fun, but I couldn’t help but smile when each trip to the top of the stairs was greeted with a wagging tail and a big dog-kiss.

I brought Eko to the new apartment to make him comfortable, but the more I think about it I think I brought him to make me comfortable too!

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