A Flight of Fancy

So there I was a couple weeks ago minding my own business when I got an email offer promoting a dirt cheap airfare sale out of Chicago. Like usual, to get the cheapest fare you had to jump through hoops, leave midweek and return midweek as well. What knucklehead would do that?

The answer, of course, is this knucklehead. As fate would have it, Em’s work schedule this week allows her to take care of Eko on her own, so I signed up for a whirlwind 48 hour visit home to NJ. I’m celebrating an early mother’s day, meeting my mom’s new dog and driving to meet Eko’s little sister for the first time.

I’m excited, but Eko was shocked when I broke the news…

“You’re going without me!?!?”“Oh, the dogmanity!”

“I can’t bare to watch you leave”“How could you abandon me for 48 whole hours!?”

While Eko was in the throes of his sorrow I squeaked a departing gift I had hidden behind my back. At which point Eko promptly hopped up and giddily snatched the toy from my hands.

“Thanks, I’ll take it from here. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

It’s a short trip but I plan to squeeze in plenty of fun. I’ll check back tomorrow from NJ, hopefully with lots to share. But for now, I have a flight to catch!

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