Teacher’s Pet

After my introduction to Eko’s new little sister, I would have gone into complete puppy withdrawal were it not for the cute heroics of my mom’s pup Auggie. DSC05996-1

Mr. Fluff himself

Auggie is an adorable, fluffy piece of velcro who likes nothing better than to stick by your side. The only thing softer than his temperament is his coat. We’ve had a great couple days hanging out together.

My mom is a second grade teacher and suggested I get Auggie his first adventure badge with a field trip to meet her class. I figured she was just going to use Auggie as a cute distraction.


Auggie turned on the charm for my mom’s students

The wily teacher she is, my mom turned Auggie into a teaching tool without the kids even realizing it. She had them eagerly practicing time/math ( X many weeks old = how many months?), estimation (size/length/weight) and learning about positive reinforcement.

The kids were completely absorbed. I might have to contact Guinness because I think my mom and Auggie set a world record for having over twenty-five second graders focused on the same thing at the same time

Our trip was also fun because I had the chance to talk to the class about the best way to introduce yourself politely to a pup. The kids who wanted to meet Auggie were delighted with the results of their new found knowledge.DSC05957-1

Auggie gave a wag, a sniff and a lick before sending his new friends back to class

No matter how old you are, you can always learn a few new tricks from your mom. Whether for students or puppies, learning is always better when it’s fun. I’ll have to remind myself of that when training the new pup gets frustrating.

Well, my 48 hours in New Jersey are up so it’s time for me to click my heels and head back to Chicago. I consider this trip a rousing success and can’t wait to drive back in just a few weeks to officially add another pup to the family!

19 thoughts on “Teacher’s Pet”

  1. Great pictures! Auggie is just a darling, nevermind the second graders being mesmerized… I’m a *few* years older and so am I 🙂 Seriously though, what great teaching methods. It looks like it was a brilliant day!
    Hugs, Carrie & pups x

  2. Auggie looks like such a sweetie he looks fluffy and adorable. Your mom is a great teacher and I would bet the kids love being in her class. Auggie did well teaching too. Be safe getting back to Eko, Emily and Chicago sweet Will. Hugs

  3. Auggie is just gorgeous – she looks like an Old English Sheepdog – [my last dog was an Old English and we just adored her!] But I think she is too small, can you enlighten me on her breed?

    • Good instincts, Auggie is an Old English Sheepdog, it’s just that he is a Young Old English Sheepdog. He’ll probably be twice as big the next time I see him.

      • Apologies to Auggie – ‘he’! My OE was a girl and she was known as my co-teacher. She attended classes, took part in movement exercises and plays and would not be left out at presentation assemblies – one time opening the door to let herself in, running down the centre aisle and hopping on stage just in time to play the role of the elephant in ‘The Blind Men of Hindustan’ with ‘her’ class of 9 year olds.,,,,,,, Brought the house down!! 🙂 She was also invaluable in soothing those children who were going through tough times. She was a great girl!!

      • Ha, I don’t think Auggie minds what you call him as long as you call him over for a belly rub. Everyone I have talked to about OES are head over heels about how sweet their dispositions are. Perfect co-teachers. And I’m loving that your pup took center stage!

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