A Life Lesson at the Dog Park

Now that Penny is fully vaccinated, she has the all clear to romp with other pups at our favorite spots around the city.


During a recent trip to the dog park, Penny wasted no time causing a ruckus.


Air Penny

Like a lot of youngsters, Penny often thinks she has it all figured out. When we got to the park, aside from Eko, Penny was one of the larger pups there. Penny triumphantly ruled the roost.

But while Penny overpowered a little guy, she failed to notice a Bernese Mountain Dog’s arrival

But when she did notice him, Penny was scared stiff!

And then bolted to me for safety

Between laughing and trying to not get crushed, I couldn’t hold the camera still. Nevertheless, these blurry photos crack me up

The family of the Bernese kindly offered to move to another side of the park, but I insisted they stay. “There’s always a bigger dog” is an important lesson for Penny to learn. She can’t always just muscle her way through life, so learning to interact and play with big pups is a valuable part of her development.

Big friends are fun too

Penny and her new pal dashed up and down the park happily. With his long coat, the Bernese eventually decided it was too hot to play. He went back to his family and sat politely while Penny futilely pulled at his fur.


“Humans, please save me from this little monster”

At that point I intervened and saved the Bernese from Penny. There’s no pup too big to bug, but hopefully she won’t remember that lesson!

30 thoughts on “A Life Lesson at the Dog Park”

  1. So true Penny..always a bigger dog and apart from laughing my head off at the pics I think she just worked it out pretty quick and seems to be just that bit more confident too 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx


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