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July 15, 2014

In Trouble? Just look cute!

Troublemaking? It’s a puppy specialty. From gnawing on sandals to wildly pulling on their leash, puppies love to discover just how much we’ll let them get away with. In my case, I like to think the answer to what I let Penny get away with is “not much.” However, I fully admit
Troublemaking? It’s a puppy specialty. From gnawing on sandals to wildly pulling on their leash, puppies love to discover just how much we’ll let them get away with. In my case, I like to think the answer to what I let Penny get away with is “not much.” However, I fully admit I do award leniency for cute behavior. 

I was frustrated when Penny refused to walk into the exam room at the vet. Then I saw this face, let out a big “DAWWWW” and scooped her up in my arms

The other morning I discovered Penny gnawed on one of our chairs. I was about to give her a stern talking to until I turned and saw this.

Come on, how could I even attempt to be mad?

Last night I must have been particularly distracted because I failed to notice Penny snuck off the futon behind me. I sprinted out the door expecting to discover Penny had wrought chaos on the apartment. As it turned out, she had. But it was so darn cute! Penny pulled all the blankets out of her crate and off of the couches. Then she did the same with the pillows, and voila:

Penny’s homemade luxury dog bed! When I barged in, Penny nervously looked away and feared the worst

“Sorry, Dad. Please don’t take my bed…”

The textbook says I should have picked up all those blankets/pillows to make it clear they’re not Penny’s to throw around as she pleases. But I did no such thing. Sometimes you just have to let one slide, especially if it’s a cute one! I left Penny to lounge and she happily slept on her comfy throne until it was time to turn in for the night.

One happy, cute, troublemaker

I know I’m not the only sucker out there, so fess up. What do you let your pets get away with?

Comments for In Trouble? Just look cute!

  1. Victoria says:

    Ok – first off – she is too cute and would be unbelievably hard to punish in anyway. Rigs likes to get on my bed (which both dogs are allowed to) and put his head on my pillow – the pillow is off limits but when he looks at me like come on mom isn’t this how i am supposed to sleep and gives me that aw shucks look I just leave him there.

  2. fredrieka says:

    when I would take a shoe momwithoutpaws would take it back and say “Mine” I do at times rearrange my bed but I know better than to take something of hers. First thing I took from my momwithoutpaws when I moved here was her hamburger off the table. I found out fast you do not get in the way of moms food

  3. close your eyes, no one can resist her look :o) our vet solved the “walk-in” problem while removing the leash. since Easy can sniff around first he walks in the exam room like a pro (but it’s only possible when no other pets are there)

  4. OMG that “vet face” is to die for! She is just too precious, sadly, I would probably let her get away with TOO MUCH! Dakota often gets away with thievery because he just looks too cute doing his show dog lineage prance with his “prize!”

  5. Kyla says:

    It’s easy to look cute if you are cute. Me, on the other paw, can’t benefit from this advice.

  6. raisingdaisy says:

    Oh yeah, cuteness will get them EVERYWHERE! It’s impossible to be strict in the face of cuteness like that. Daisy got away with chewing the leg on the coffee table – really badly – we found her hiding between the sofa and loveseat, peeking out with the cutest little expression. It was impossible to get mad!

  7. Elyse says:

    I wonder if it will work in reverse. I have a very cute look, perhaps I can get Duncan to give an inch or two …

  8. PigLove says:

    Penny has her paws wrapped right around you – where they need to be. What do I get away with – snorts. Extended bed times is my usual thing. I always sneak in five more minutes to mom for television time or story time. She falls for it every time too. XOXO – Bacon

  9. aud says:

    Time for her own dog bed? Too soon? I’m the bigger sucker here.

  10. Dangerous precedents there Will 😉 But goodness, she is so darned cute! What a splendid pair they make and Eko will iron out your lapses in judgement, over time…

  11. Emmadog says:

    Cuteness really saves a puppy! Mom often can’t even scold Bailie because either she is laughing too hard or it is just too cute. Discipline is not easy and puppies know it.

  12. Oh thank goodness! I’m not the only bad puppy parent out here! If he makes me laugh, how can you forbid it? My mouth may say ‘no’ but everything else is saying ‘please do, what fun, more!’ A tiny puppy running away with a shoe, a sock, stolen art supplies [paint on a white curtain – not funny, mostly because I don’t want him ingesting that!] Stealing the cat’s baggie of nepeta earns a stern voice no matter how cute he looks though – there is a limit! The thing is he knows when he isn’t allowed – like Penny – he looks away, looks guilty, looks cute……. Dammit!!

  13. Oh, yes that cuteness gets by with a lot. Sweet Penny is adorable and her looks are very expressive. We can well understand how you can give in to her. Chancy still gets by with a few things now and then, he can work those cute looks still at 6 years old. Hugs and nose kisses

  14. Three words………….”JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING” !!! You’re right – cute goes a looooong way!


  15. Penny is just adorable. I would have done the same as you. If I started to list what I let my dogs get away with the list would be TOO long.

  16. You’ve been out-cuted, Will! You never stood a chance. You’re only one man – how much cuteness can one man take? And no, you’re not the only one who succumbs.

  17. harrispen says:

    BTW the puppy breath can make you more susceptible to succumbing to their cuteness too.

  18. I am sorry,but if she made herself a bed with the things around her that smelled of you all, I wouldn’t have been mad either. I do believe you can be to strict and ruin a good spirit. That does not mean letting bad behavior slide, but understanding that not all behavior is “bad”. The Puffs sleep on top of the couch. Would I have EVER allowed this before? No Way! But it seems to be a big comfort for them, harms no one, and in the end gives me two happy little dogs….

  19. Julia M says:

    Seriously, how can you be expected to say no to that face??? I have to rather guiltily admit that I sometimes let Oscar stay in the bathroom when I’m having a bath. Cue Oscar dipping his paw into the water every five seconds and each time being absolutely shocked that it comes out wet! Poor form by me, but my god it’s just too funny, how could I not???

  20. Well, Jack and Maggie don’t get away with much, but only because they aren’t puppies and don’t try to misbehave…But when we had our pup Sally…I was the same as you, she got away with most everything because I couldn’t resist that little chocolate lab face. The worst was sleeping on the bed…I really tried to make her sleep on her bed, but gave up.

  21. Cathy & Banjo says:

    When I got my new yoga blocks, Banjo was so intrigued by them that I let him check them out. He soon got a little too excited and began to chomp on them and carry them around proudly, so I took them away from him. However, his tooth marks made my blocks distinguishable from everyone else’s in my yoga class, and I also get a little burst of happy whenever I use my blocks and see Banjo’s handiwork.

  22. Dottie Wells and Tuffy-Cat says:

    Penny may be trying to tell you she “thinks” she’s a big girl now and doesn’t need the cage to sleep in. All she needs is a ton of blankets and pillows and all is well. It’s surely going to take a little more time, but it’s worth it’s weight in pictures just to see her try.
    Have a great summer with the “kids”.

    Dottie and Tuffy-Cat

  23. Gman pretty much gets away with everything!!! She is so damn cute!

  24. joanb49 says:

    With that worried little vet face, i would have caved too. Penny is way too adorable. Don’t worry Eko, I still love you!

  25. awwww… Penny….

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