Close Encounters of the Dane Kind

One of my favorite things is when my dogs see something astonishing, then turn their heads sideways and give me the “are you seeing what I’m seeing!?” look of incredulity. These days, there’s not much that ruffles Eko. He’s traveled the country and lived in the big city, he’s pretty stoic. That means I mostly turn to Penny to enjoy the awe of new discovery.11.1

Penny is now a regular at the dog beach. The sand, the water, the making trouble with small dogs -Penny thought she had it all figured out. 

Until this past weekend when Penny saw something that made her skid from full-speed to dead stop.


“You must be lost, the horse beach is the other way.”

Penny has met all shapes and sizes of dogs, but clearly none of that prepared her to meet a full sized Great Dane. Penny froze and tried to figure out exactly what she was looking at. Surely, it couldn’t be a dog.


When the Dane went to introduce himself, Penny made a hasty retreat to my side

Penny looked at the Dane then gave me the look. Penny wanted answers, but all I had was laughter so she decided to investigate for herself.


“Hm, ok these two walk like dogs and look like dogs I guess.”


“And they smell like dogs…”

If it looks like a dog and smells like a dog? Well, in any event Penny asked just to be sure –


“pleasedonteatme…pleasedonteatme…. Hey, you guys are dogs right?”

Reassured she would not be on the Great Dane lunch menu, Penny returned to her outgoing and wiggly self. She even went for a stroll with her new pals.


Another adventure, another discovery, another set of new friends

One of the joys of life is discovering the world, and one of the joys of having a pet is rediscovering the world through their eyes.

Anyone else have any good rediscoveries recently?

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