My New Favorite Dog-Friendly Chicago Bar

One of my favorite parts about living in a city is there are always new places to discover and new adventures to be had. A friend recently suggested I check out Joe’s Bar and their dog-friendly rooftop. Puppy Penny still needs plenty of practice with her public manners so we swung by yesterday to check it out.14.1

“Me, misbehave? Never.”

When it comes to the term “Dog-friendly” I’ve found the sentiment can mean anything from “I guess we won’t kick you out if you bring your dog” to “We don’t understand why you wouldn’t bring your dog!” Joe’s Bar was absolutely in the latter category. They really roll out the red carpet for the pups.


And by red carpet, I mean this green-grass carpet and fire hydrant potty-station


The roof also had multiple bowls with water and treats for the pups

I left Eko at home for this trip because Penny really needs the same individualized manners lesson he got. I mean, this is what happened when I looked away for one second…


How Penny managed to hog-tie herself so quickly is anyone’s guess

The staff at Joe’s was so welcoming and made the dogs feel right at home. Penny of course gave everyone her puppy eyes and had them eating out of her hands.


Well, she was eating out of their hands, but you know want I mean

And can you believe they even had a senior citizen discount?


Not really, but we brought these old guys along anyway!

Sitting on a sunny roof with good pups, good food and a good drink – it doesn’t get much better than that!


My little girl…well, she was little, not sure how this happened

Joe’s Bar does “Dog-friendly” right! Summer’s waning, but we’ll definitely be back at least a few times to soak up the sun.

31 thoughts on “My New Favorite Dog-Friendly Chicago Bar”

  1. It is great that places in the US have started doing this.
    When we first moved to Europe, we took our dog Charlie with us on our first outing, skeptical that we’d be allowed to take him out to lunch with us. As we waited to be seated, the French hostess took one look at our huge Bernese Mountain Dog, and turned and walked away. She went to a nice table, cleared a chair, put a bowl of water down on the floor, and came back for the four of us and seated us. It was wonderful!

    • The French know how to treat a pup! I feel like the whole dog-friendly movement in the US was nearly non-existent until fairly recently. Thing have been moving quickly which is nice.

  2. Very awesome. We have a couple of places that are dog friendly, but their spaces are relatively small and bringing our two big dogs just doesn’t work out. Seems like around here “dog friendly” means *little* dog friendly. Boo.


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