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August 13, 2014

Once a Puppy, Always a Puppy

With Penny around, Eko seems like an adult dog more than ever. While I contend with all of Penny’s puppyness, Eko is Mr. Reliable. When we’re out, I can focus most of my attention on keeping Penny out of trouble.  My confident and experienced pup is all grown up
With Penny around, Eko seems like an adult dog more than ever. While I contend with all of Penny’s puppyness, Eko is Mr. Reliable. When we’re out, I can focus most of my attention on keeping Penny out of trouble. 13.1

My confident and experienced pup is all grown up

As a seasoned adventure veteran, Eko’s seen and done it all. He is a stoic companion…with one notable exception. Eko reverts to a complete puppy-wuss at the vet! Yesterday I brought Eko in for an annual exam and some routine care and he was not happy.


“Come on Will, don’t make me!”


I was able to momentarily distract the big baby with some treats, but then he went right back to begging


“But seriously, Will. Don’t make me.”

To his credit, the big mope followed me to the exam room. However, his efforts to persuade me continued.


“Hey Will, come here. I want to show you something.”


“This is a door. You should open it before the vet gets here.”


Resigned to his fate, Eko checked out what was in store for him


Unfortunately for Eko, it was his nemesis…needles

Eko is like Indiana Jones – an adventurer with one major phobia. For Indy, it’s snakes. Eko’s version of the classic catchphrase would be, “Needles…I hate needles.”

For the basic exam, Eko was a pro. The vet commented on how relaxed Eko was when having his teeth, ears and paws handled. Then came time to update Eko’s vaccinations. At which point my stoic adult yelped and cried the same loud way he has since he was a little puppy.

The vet quickly assured me the shots were nowhere near as painful as Eko made them sound. While I coddled Eko I laughed knowingly because this is what Penny looked like after her shots.


“Hey buddy, can you stick me with a few more needles so I can get some more treats?”

When Penny got her shots, I wasn’t even positive the vet had done them because Penny didn’t make a sound while she nonchalantly munched on treats.

I whisked Eko from the vet’s office, and after one quick shake he was back to his confident self. But beneath that exterior I know he’ll always be my little puppy!

Does your pet have any things that trigger puppy/kitten/juvenile behavior?

Comments for Once a Puppy, Always a Puppy

  1. Poor bubba you need more treats for that one.

  2. too adorable!!!!! Dakota returns to puppy hood when he whimpers/cries when someone he likes is about to enter the condo. It is sooo cute!

  3. Wow! Penny! I’m impressed now… I never met a girl who said give me more for more treats. Mom says I’m always like a baby …butt that’s a lie :o)

  4. raisingdaisy says:

    Eko and I share the needle-phobia. I totally freak out too (though I don’t yelp or whine!), so I understand what he goes through. Daisy is the same way – she loves the vet as a person but hates the vet as a vet. It’s the shots that turned her off to him – and to all vets – even though she doesn’t make a sound when he gives it to her. But now she’s started growling at him when he tries to examine her, and that’s definitely NOT a good thing. We have to figure out what to do to stop that – any suggestions?

  5. Victoria says:

    yep its the Vet too but the funny part is they sit on the bench w/me at the vet, not on the floor but on the bench and act like they are people too, sitting so close to me and just shaking – they don’t cry when they get their shots but they sure are scared every time we go. Looks pretty funny to anyone coming in to see Muff and Rigs sitting pretty on the benches while every other pet is sitting on the floor – but they are really nice about it at my vet because they know they are scared.

  6. Kyla says:

    Eko is the sane one? That’s scary.

  7. Emmadog says:

    I’m terrified of the vet! I sometimes refuse to get out of the car and force my mom to carry me in and when she puts me down I shake like a leaf. It is such a scary place. The people are nice, but I don’t want to be there. I side with Eko on this one.

  8. fredrieka says:

    I whine when they put their finger up my butt, I was good with the needle I was not good with the theometer, it goes in the same place as the finger. Nope do not like it

  9. I have to remember the “puppy wuss” phase. Cody only begged when there was human food. His favorites were Lou Matanti’s and chocolate chip cookies. But really, if it was human food, he had the puppy eyes ready.

  10. Misaki says:

    Oh poor Eko, hope the treats helped!

  11. I take my shot really well; but when it comes to claw whacking time at home…not so much…na’mean??? (peeEss we hit the ‘follow’ button at top but we know that this just sends your post to the reader which we NEVER use…we only follow by email…thanks)

  12. Whee act like baby guinea piggies when whee are put out on the grass in the sunshine. It just seems to bring out a sparkle in us that whee cannot contain!


  13. Eve says:

    Juley was the same way at the vet the other day after they brought her back to the room after weighing her she headed straight for the door out!

  14. The human-like behavior Eko exhibits at the vet is hilarious! Even dogs know how pull the “guilt” card 🙂

  15. Marcela says:

    Lol. I knew it, girls are tougher than boys:-)

  16. I (Wally) am a BIG wuss when it comes to needles too…my dogter (Uncle Jono) can’t believe what a drama queen *rolls eyes* I am when it comes to getting my shots.
    Wally & Sammy

  17. Poor Eko! Shots are the worst. I am always happy and excited at the vet – like Penny. I’m stoic when I get my shots or whatever other indignities they perform, but mostly wagging, kissing, cuddling, and begging for more treats. I stand like Eko – nose to door – but I’m not trying to leave, I’m just anxious for somebody to come in and make a fuss about me.

    Love and licks,

  18. I had to laugh – I get the same look from Jack at the vets. He’s okay with the needles which is good because I have to give him B12 shots. BUt just being in the vets…nervous nellie.

  19. Sage says:

    I know how you feel, Eko. I can be stoic about those shots, but just let them try and put that thing up my butt! NO WAY

  20. Donna knows that face the exit pose well, Eko. Haha! Maybe you can take some ntes from Penny… or better yet, tell them to stick it in Penny instead… of course you have to bring her along first…

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