[VIDEO] Talk to your dog with body language

Dogs are masters of reading our body language. Playing the hide-and-treat exercise with them is an excellent way to help strengthen those lines of communication. Here’s Penny in action:

22 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Talk to your dog with body language”

  1. We actually learned to follow hand motions in puppy school in Germany. Now we are just using our noses to find stuff. We blow Mom’s mind everyday with our noses. The odd thing is we can watch her hide something, we can even see it as it isn’t really hidden, but we blow right by and use our noses to locate it rather than our eyes, but I think you guys may be more sight hound types.

  2. I read/saw somewhere a while ago that pointing doesn’t work all that well with dogs because they look at our hand instead of the direction we’re pointing. I wonder what would happen if you stood farther away from the cups and then pointed?? Maybe that will be lesson #2!

    • I suspect it would be easier for Penny to catch on in that scenario if the cups were spaced out further on either side of me. Tougher to do in the confines of my apartment so we’ll have to get out and test your idea. Thanks for the homework, we’ll see how it goes.


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