[VIDEO] Behind the Scenes of a dog-friendly roadtrip

A couple weeks ago I took a stroll down nostalgia lane and talked about how this blog got its start three years ago. People have found the blog at different times so I received a number of suggestions to revisit some of the earlier content from when Eko and I traveled the country.

I haven’t looked back on those posts in the years since, so it was fun (and a bit horrifying – some of the posts are pretty brutal!) to see how far we have(n’t) come. With that in mind I’m going to periodically share some posts from the early days. Here is one of our very first videos – ah, we were so young!

Looking back does have it’s drawbacks – I’m no pro now, but my camera and editing skills were three years shoddier. And while my videography skills may have grown up, it appears Eko and I were forever and will always be knuckleheads!

27 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Behind the Scenes of a dog-friendly roadtrip”

  1. The dreaded rubber finger toothbrush lol. We switched to a regular one after awhile, that thing just.. I don’t know. Love Eko rolling around on the court. Such a great trip down memory lane.


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