Telling Time in Dog Years

Over the weekend I took another look at the photos from our trip to NJ. That led me on a trip down nostalgia lane and I looked at some even older photos of puppy-Eko. I’m terrible when it comes to remembering dates and times, but when I looked at the old photos I realized I have a much stronger memory when I consider things in “dog years.”

If I see an old photo of myself, I often struggle to date it, but I never have that issue with the pups.


I know exactly when each of these photos was taken simply because I have Eko as a reference


And although the chair and sun moved for this photo, Eko moved with them so I’ll never forget I took this on our most recent trip


Since I know Eko was 8 months-old in this photo, I know exactly when I took it


Some things never change, but when they do I usually have a dog around to help me remember!


I’ll never forget the spot on the trail where I took this photo of puppy-Eko


When I see this photo I’ll always remember how the sun felt that day 


And I will never forget the hilarious moment when Eko ripped up a newspaper and hid under the table because he thought I couldn’t see him

So while I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday, I’m glad I have Eko and Penny around to help remind me of all the good times we’ve had together.

There’s no way I’m alone here. I know other people out there start remembering a moment by asking, “Well let’s see, how old was (insert pet’s name)…”

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