Under The Weather

To kick off my 30th year on the planet, Mother Nature gifted me a vicious stomach virus. I spent a less than enjoyable day split between the bed and the couch. Luckily I had an in-house physician to look after me and a couple of diligent health aides happy to curl up and sleep the day away with me.

Before I went down for the count, we drove to Montrose Dog Beach to make sure it survived the blizzard.

Well, we drove most of the way there. The access road hadn’t been plowed

We trekked through the snow to find all familiar signs of the beach nearly invisible.


Like me, the fence was under the weather (ba-dum-ching…give me a break, I’m sick) 

The dog beach is now a surreal dog tundra for only the bravest.


There’s a beach there somewhere


Nearly 750,000 pups in the city, but for a short time the tundra belonged to just us


When new recruits showed up, Penny jumped for joy

Tired, cold and content, we headed home and I headed down the drain. 


“Will, you don’t look so good.”

Thankfully I’m feeling better today (couldn’t feel worse) and I should be in full blogging shape by Monday. We’ll be back in action next week with blizzard videos and a very exciting announcement. But first, back to bed for me.

Have a good weekend!

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