Why I’ve Decided To Quit Blogging

It all began nearly four years ago with a boy, his pup and a dream.4.1

Eko and I set across the country together looking for adventure and blogging about it


Over the years we’ve soared to great heights and done great things


We’ve also done plenty of silly things. For the past year, puppy Penny joined the fun


It’s been such a joy to share her leaps and bounds on the blog


But after much soul searching I realized it’s time to go in a new direction. I’ve decided to quit blogging for one simple reason:


APRIL FOOLS!!! “Oh man Eko, I bet we got a few people!”

Come on. Did you think you could get rid of me that easily? This merry band of fools rides on – see ya tomorrow!

86 thoughts on “Why I’ve Decided To Quit Blogging”

  1. Aaaagggghhh, I am reading this on April 7th and didn’t notice when your Fool’s post was written… you scared me!! I was about to get really depressed. So glad it was a joke because your posts are wonderful!!


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