Penny’s Annual Vet Visit

Around this time last year Penny had her first checkup in Chicago.Rhodesian RIdgeback, puppy, cute, chicago

She was just a cute little stinker

Rhodesian RIdgeback, puppy, cute, chicago

But she was completely fearless

Penny had her annual check-up last week but this time the visit was a bit different.

Yes, Penny cuts a much different figure, but that’s not what I mean

Penny’s last visit to our vet was for her spay surgery so she unfortunately has some less than positive associations with the office. Accordingly, this is how I had to sit in the waiting room with my tough pup.

“Will, don’t leave me with them!”

Rhodesian RIdgeback, puppy, cute, chicago.

Luckily, this time I got to stay by Penny’s side. She gave me plenty of sad looks, but I gave her plenty of treats to make up for it

The exam was easy, Penny took her vaccination shots like a champ and we were finished in no time. Nevertheless, Penny still wasn’t thrilled about the visit.

Rhodesian RIdgeback, puppy, cute, chicago

“You guys are all jerks!”

Contrary to Penny’s puppy-attitude, the staff at our vet are all great. Even better is that my little battering ram has a clean bill of health and won’t need a scheduled vet visit for another year. (Keyword: “scheduled.” Hopefully there are no surprises!)

Rhodesian RIdgeback, puppy, cute, chicago

No more visits for the year? Penny can certainly smile about that

As we walked out of the office, Penny shook herself off and looked back at me like, “Hey, I have a reputation to uphold at the dog beach so don’t tell anyone I jumped into your lap in there.”

Your secret is safe with me, Penny. Well, me, and the internet.

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