My Rug-ed Rhodesian Ridgeback

Up until the past year, we’ve lived in small apartments and only owned a single, hand-me-down rug. The rug was usually covered with couches and a table so it wasn’t until the past few months we’ve learned Eko is a rug connoisseur.

Penny pays our carpets little mind, but Eko’s interest borders on obsessed.

He absolutely must examine each rug in close detail. He’s usually on top of the carpet sniffing around before it’s even full unrolled

Eko is to carpets as a sommelier is to wine. Each of our rugs is paired with a different activity. Our living room rug is best for fireside naps.

The kitchen rug is perfect for pouting/begging

And the front room rug? Oh the front room rug!

The circular, plush rug in our front room is at the center of the sunniest area of the apartment. Each morning Eko dashes to the rug and luxuriates in the fluffy warmth. It’s his happy, fluffy place.

Well, at least for a few seconds until Penny gets a hold of him.

Penny treats the rug more like a wrestling ring


Eko’s even gone as far as rejecting a few of the cheap bathmats and sink rugs we have. He scoffs at our audacity to purchase rugs not to his taste!

What about you guys? Anyone have a pet who is a rug aficionado?



With Sam’s penchant for chewing expensive leather items I worried he might have a go on the cowhide I bought for the living room but so far (fingers crossed) he’s been quite good. Mostly he prefers laying on sofa’s and beds to mere carpets. 😉

Neeka and Khoi aren’t floor sleepers, but they love the area rug in the front room. When running on hardwood floors, they need a good pivot point. Carpet in the back of the house serves the same purpose. Apparently, it’s a lot more fun running in the house than outside in the yard🤔

What a rug-lovin’ doggie! Well done, E. We only have one rug by our door because of too much shedding! I bring all my favorite toys and treats there to play/eat. Mom vacuums every single day.

Love and licks,

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