[VIDEO] Dog Parks 101 – Know Before You Go!

As I’ve said before, I think of visiting the dog park a lot like driving a car. Neither activity is absolutely necessary and by nature they each carry inherent risk. However, with preparation and practice, both driving a car and visiting the dog park can open a wonderful world of possibilities.

In the past five years I’ve visited dog parks across the country and learned a lot about how to make these trips safe, productive and fun. So with that in mind, here’s all the things I wish I know about dog parks five years ago:

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  1. Dean is very fearful, so we try to avoid the park if there are too many dogs there. But sometimes we want to try out a small group. It’s important to talk with other owners so they know that you’re not trying to be an idiot when your dog is barking his fool head off.
    Happy almost Spring.


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