Thank You

I wish to speak to you about Eko, but sorrow continues to choke the life out of me. In this moment I can only draw enough breath to howl a pain older than words.  He who gave me my voice is gone,  so I must roar and cry until I learn to speak again.

I do not know when that day will be, but there are two words which cannot wait.

Thank you.  When Eko died, my heart broke. With each message of shared sorrow and support (and I read every comment/email/post at least twice), those pieces broke again. Until at last I was left holding the ashes of my heart. But the tighter I held that dust – made of pure love – the more it slipped uselessly between my fingers.

I cannot keep this heart. It is gone. Instead I send its ashes across these digital winds to every one of you who showed such compassion and kindness in my time of need. Please hold each piece in your own hearts to remember the love Eko shared. I can only offer this simple gratitude, but it is all that I have left to give. Thank you.




Will…. I started following your block with you and Ecko took your journey across America. I loved the adventures you two had on your journey. I would read your Blog to my Champ.

I had stepped away from your blog for a bit and just read about Ecko. I am so sorry for your loss. Am I am reading I am crying like a baby.

I know words can not make Ecko come back but you I loved the special bond the two of you have!

Mine and Champs thoughts and prayers are with you, Emily and Penny. Also with Ecko. I know he is watching over you!

Dear Will… I cried, I cried for you, for Penny and for Eko! I could not believe your blog… I really don’t know what to tell you but remember; my Storm and Nala are in my life right now because of your adventures with Eko❤️ they are my best friends and I cannot believe a life without them. Next january we are going on a roadtrip true Europe for a Year with the four of us and our landrover! I want to spend Every minute with my dogs❤️

Will, Lots of love from the Netherlands 🐾🐾

No! No no no no no no no no no! This can’t be happening. Your Eko is too similar to my Chase, your Penny is my Maggie! I am sitting here, tears steaming down my face, my heat broken for yours. My nightmares come true for you. My only thoughts are how can you possibly survive this much pain? There was a question running around facebook, asking one to describe their dog in 5 words. I only need 2. Soul dog. Eko was your soul dog, as Chase is mine. My heart bleeds for you. If there was anything I could say that would help, I would, but tragically there are no magic words of comfort, so just know that I raise my voice and howl with you into the vast chasm of pain.

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