9 thoughts on “[VIDEO] An Old Dog Learns A Few New Tricks”

  1. I bet Doc has been non-stop talking to your brother about the great times he had with his puppy 🐕 “cousins” and asking when they can all get together again‼️

  2. that brought not just the biggest smile but a wee tear to my eye as well. Zero was fantastic – he LOVES Doc and Doc eventually loved him lol. Doc is super sweet and it was wonderful to see the look on his face soaking up these new experiences. What a wonderful life you and your brother gives these kids – and justly deserved. Rest up Doc, Penny and Zero will be coming to play real soon I’m sure lol

  3. This was too adorable for words. Considering Doc’s history, it’s wonderful to see him enjoying the company of your mayhem-makers. Thanks for this video, it was worth waiting for! Hope Doc gets a good rest and comes back for more real soon!

    (also, for some reason this is showing up in my WP timeline for yesterday, even though it was posted/appeared today…)


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