[VIDEO] Circle of Life

Elton John sang it, Penny lives it, Will can’t afford to pay for it to use in this video. It’s the circle of life! And Miss Mayhem marshalls each of us to make the most of the endless round.

24 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Circle of Life”

  1. I think we may have someone here who will love that circle game too. Her exuberance is a sight to behold but that evening shot curled up on the sofa – that is just too darn adorable.

  2. i love when she is all curled up on the couch hiding her face, i love her acting like a crazy pup enjoying life, full of herself n was Zero ever that little. Been awhile since Emily held him in her arms but seems like yesterday. Love ur videos Will. Great job, jeep them coming. HUGS TO ALL


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