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October 13, 2017

[VIDEO] Circle of Life

Elton John sang it, Penny lives it, Will can’t afford to pay for it to use in this video. It’s the circle of life! And Miss Mayhem marshalls each of us to make the most of the endless round.
Elton John sang it, Penny lives it, Will can’t afford to pay for it to use in this video. It’s the circle of life! And Miss Mayhem marshalls each of us to make the most of the endless round.

Comments for [VIDEO] Circle of Life

  1. Victoria says:

    love that energy and love to watch them play w/such energy -Penny is a circle lover for sure and kudos to Zero for trying to keep up-great friday video – have a good weekend

  2. I always think of each new day as a chance to start over……bringing along the good of the past days and discarding the bad…….then making some “NEW” good things to bring to the next day and the next……kind of my own personal “circle”……………..but it works for me and has brought me through multiple bouts of cancer so who can say it isn’t working? WHATEVER works for you and your family, Will, is what you keep and carry forward with…………yep – that’s MY kind of circle alright!!


  3. Connie Taylor says:

    No matter your mood, you can’t help but get a smile on your face watching Ms Mayhem running, enjoying herself and seeing how she brings others into her circle her through her exuberance! (Would love to see her with the Lion headdress and how Lincoln reacts to her change)

  4. Piglove says:

    Just pure fun this video was my dear friends. The pic on the couch with the hands over her hand – OMP – that is priceless indeed. Happy weekend <3 XOXO – Bacon

  5. TheRidgebackLife says:

    I can’t but help picturing a lion trapped in Penny’s circle. Poor thing would be so confused.

  6. It’s not just Zero trying to catch up – the rest of us are right there with him sucking wind!

  7. Love it. We get another chance each morning to try to get it “right.” It’s never perfect, so there’s always work to be done as long as we’re up to the task.

  8. Exactly! So many of these circles of madness happened on days I was down or tired or not at my best. But watching Penny whirlwind just lights up my world.

  9. Haha I guess even Penny can make herself dizzy sometime.

  10. Man or beast, woe is he caught in a Penny tempest!

  11. meANXIETYme says:

    Dizzying and delightful. Way to go, Miss Mayhem!

  12. Read (and watched) this right after my daily mindfulness meditation. Doggies have for sure cornered the market on the power of living in the moment. Every second of the day contains pure joy. Good reminder not to yawn through it!

  13. Penny may not look like your typical definition of zen but there is most certainly wisdom in her madness.

  14. Such joy in those zoomie circles and a great reminder to always experience life’s fun moments. Have a great weekend running in circles…the building blocks of life’s special moments.

  15. Kismet says:

    Penny should try treadmills.

  16. Robyn B. says:

    Your little girl is hilarious. She truly enjoys life and it rubs off on those who meet and know her. Thanks for sharing Miss Mayhem with us. She brightened my day. Have a joyful weekend!

  17. Science has yet to invent one that can keep up with her.

  18. Always glad to share her spark!

  19. Elyse says:

    What a perfect outlook Penny has! And you too! Thanks for the smiles.

  20. Nothing like living in the moment! Way to go, Penny!

  21. Emmadog says:

    It’s true. No matter what you are going through, we dogs have the ability to make humans smile, get them out of bed, and find the joy in life.

  22. Fran says:

    i love when she is all curled up on the couch hiding her face, i love her acting like a crazy pup enjoying life, full of herself n was Zero ever that little. Been awhile since Emily held him in her arms but seems like yesterday. Love ur videos Will. Great job, jeep them coming. HUGS TO ALL

  23. coastingnz says:

    I think we may have someone here who will love that circle game too. Her exuberance is a sight to behold but that evening shot curled up on the sofa – that is just too darn adorable.

  24. What a wonderful post. that is exactly how i felt when i woke up this morning. your story/video made me rethink today! Thank you!

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