Making A Moment Count

I used to think meaningful moments in life were a discovery trekked to or stumbled upon. But Lincoln, Penny and Zero remind me that these moments must be purposefully crafted. Not because a particular time or place is special, but because we decide to make it so.

7 thoughts on “Making A Moment Count”

  1. haha Penny was in a mode for sure with Elmo – hilarious, feel her pain lol My boys would have wanted Elmo too – then I thought she was digging her way to come and visit. Man Zero though…. he is huge eh! Your fur and human babies are all gorgeous.

  2. thanks for sharing this moment with me… and thanks for creating lots of THIS moments… btw: that’s so cute how he said Elmo… it’s hard to find the balance between smiling and getting tears in the eyes because it is so touching and loverable…


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