Five Years of Mayhem

Was Penny the dog of my dreams? Absolutely not, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Ever since her ship crash landed on our planet five years ago, Penny’s infused our lives with her cosmic energy.

Sure, we may have lost pieces of our sanity along the way, but I’ve never had more than a tenuous grip on those to begin with.

17 thoughts on “Five Years of Mayhem”

  1. Your dogs are stunning. We lost our RR in Dec unexpectedly and miss him daily. Where did you get Penny’s 2 piece leather collar? It is beautiful

  2. What a blessing Miss Mayhem has been to your family. I love this video and watching her grow through the years with her Ecko and her Zero and her Lincoln at her side. She is beautiful. So glad she was chosen for your girl–a perfect fit.


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