Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Bite?

You bet! Biting is the best, until it’s the worst. It took me some time to think about training bite inhibition in my dogs in a way that made sense, so I thought I’d share my thoughts for this oft asked question.

As always, I am not smart and have no credentials, so please never take what I say as professional advice! My hope here is help those preparing to welcome home a Ridgeback for the teeth tornado that’s heading their way!

7 thoughts on “Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Bite?”

  1. Great video again. The love your family has for Penny and Zero is awesome. I have two females in my pack. Zula , 5 years, and Khaya, 1 and a half years. Your information about your two is helpful and usually applies to my two also.

    You may not be a professional trainer but your wisdom about the ridgeback is always accurate, useful, and easy to understand. Thank you for sharing your positive advice on our outstanding breed.

    Your kids are fortunate to have two ridgeback siblings. Your wife must enjoy watching and filming the family lessons.

    Stay safe in Chicago. Unfortunately, your city is having a lot of negative publicity during the quarantine and it is nice to see your positive posts.


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