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June 25, 2021Videos

A Father’s Promise

After Eko died, I made my puppy a promise. My children would know his love. Not in the way I dreamed - with his gray muzzle nestled against them. But in the way I lived - with joyful commitment to making the most of the time we share together. I wanted to teach them what Eko taught me - to let go of hoping for tomorrow so that we can hold fast to loving today

Comments for A Father’s Promise

  1. that is beautiful… I cried and I still do… wonder how you could make&watch it without… oh well it happened to you too, right?

  2. Kismet says:

    Live for today. Someone should make a song about that.

  3. Carrie says:

    Thank you for leading the way by sharing the loss of a best friend, role model and sole mate. I rescued my first ridgeback named Triple, then as it goes he more than rescued me. We were together for 8 magical years. I kept thinking of your loss of Eko and I knew one could survive it-could be done. Life can and does go on just not the way we had hoped!

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