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“It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.” 

“Hit it.”

I’m Will, a freelance writer based in Chicago. For a year I lived out of a car with Mr. Eko, my Rhodesian Ridgeback, blogging about the best pet-friendly destinations in the country. A lot has changed since Eko and I began this journey nearly eight years ago. I moved to a new city, added another pup (Penny Mayhem), and married the most incredible woman.  After a requisite quarter-life crises, I finally felt like I had found my way.

But when we  Eko died in the fall of 2016, I was lost all over again. I painfully relearned to get out of bed, meet the day and change the world.  I learned to embrace my fears and use them as fuel for love. A love which manifested itself in Zero, the puppy we added to our family in January of 2017.

With Zero’s help, when it was time to welcome my son Lincoln to the world in May of 2017, I was ready

All these years later, one thing remains unchanged – my love for sharing the journey with others.  I do my best to capture all of the moments – from silly to profound to educational  to funny to scary – in words, photos and videos.  If each day this blog can add a smile, a moment of empathy or an ounce of love to the world that wouldn’t have existed otherwise, then I consider my work a success.

For daily updates, check us out on instagram @markingourterritory

For any writing inquiries, partnerships, or if you just need someone to share cute puppy photos with, please email will@markingourterritory.com

180 thoughts on “Our Story”

  1. I googled ‘Rhodesian Ridgeback’ and ‘aneurysm’ the day my 15 month old Luna girl dropped dead while chasing a rabbit. Your page on losing your dog came up. I scrolled through the pictures and couldn’t even read you blog because Luna looks almost identical to your beautiful Eko.
    A week later, after still leaving my browser open on your page, I read your post aloud to my husband as our 6 month old daughter played between us and Luna’s bed lay empty beside us. I wept many many times.
    I’m still living in a darkened world without my first baby. Everytime I feel good there’s a black cloud that comes to remind me that she’s dead.
    Just wanted to let you know…I don’t feel so alone in the world after reading what you wrote. Thank you for sharing your heartache for it put words to my own.

    • It hurts and it hurts and it hurts. It hurts in ways uniquely terrible for all of us, and we each suffer in our own way. There’s no getting around any of that, and it is a price we all willingly pay, but I’m glad to know you were able to find a measure of empathy and solace in what I wrote. Not because it makes the hurt any less sharp, but only because it reminds us – you, me, and others – we are most certainly not alone.

    • …we lost our lovely little Elsa ridgymix at only 19 mnths young to an aggressive liver tumor that killed her within a mnth…undiagnosed until exploratory surgery when she stopped eating altogether & she died on the table…we were devastated to say the least…& her poor bro Zimba is still the saddest dog even after 3 & half yrs later…we happened upon a poor starving abandoned 4 mnth old malamutemix 2 wks after Elsas death…Zimba accepted him immediately &….as this great guy writes “theres always room for love”

  2. I first found your blog after reading “On Losing a Dog” a while back after aafriens lost his companion. I remembered it again two weeks ago when I had to put my 12 year old beagle, Parker, down for the long nap. His beagle sister and I are surprisingly adjusting well, and I have been spending hours reading all your posts about Eko and building yourself back up again. Thank you for your writing. It stirs so many emotions, but most of all, relatability.

    • It’s such an impossible and uniquely devastating loss that we each must suffer through in our own way, but I’m so glad to hear you found empathy and a small measure of comfort through my posts

  3. Hi there just a quick question, do you think having a small yard is okay for a Rhodesian ridgeback ? I’m looking into adopting one but I’m uncertain if it would be unfair to the dog .

  4. Hi Will, I thought I remembered a video and/or article about buying a ridgeback and all the steps you went through to find a breeder, etc. Now I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it. Any way you can post a link to it. I remember you even talking about finding a breeder within driving distance so you can go visit the pups, but it’s driving me crazy that I can’t find it.


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