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March 30, 2018

[VIDEO] Sunrise at Chicago’s Montrose Dog Beach

There’s no snooze button on my new alarm clock so we’re always up before the sun these days. I used to dread early morning wakeups, but starting the day with Link and pups at the beach for sunrise has helped me find new perspective.
There’s no snooze button on my new alarm clock so we’re always up before the sun these days. I used to dread early morning wakeups, but starting the day with Link and pups at the beach for sunrise has helped me find new perspective.

Comments for [VIDEO] Sunrise at Chicago’s Montrose Dog Beach

  1. C. Taylor says:

    Great way to start any morning! We take our pups for early morning walks and they enjoy them more now that the sun is peaking over the horizon and they can really check out the changes in the neighborhood. Next year Link will be running the beach too!!

  2. a sunrise together with the pup… that’s something I will put on my bucket list…. I have some doubts that he will enjoy the beach and the water but I think we will have fun :o) Have a good Good Friday and a super Easter…

  3. Although I am a morning person, I cannot imagine not sharing this most wondrous times of the day with those I love the most. It sets the stage for a day full of adventure. Happy weekend, happy Easter.

  4. dashlilly says:

    Best line: “I’m certain they’ll run, you’ll smile.” So true! No matter what mood I’m in… my pups’ joy is contagious

  5. Will (MarkingOurTerritory.com) says:

    Definitely starts the day on the right note. It tires out the pups early, so it might work perfect for Link too!

  6. Will (MarkingOurTerritory.com) says:

    That’s the nice thing about a sunrise, it shows up everywhere – so you guys can enjoy it whenever you like. And then let us know how it went, because we’ll get it a few hours later!

  7. Will (MarkingOurTerritory.com) says:

    To be up and out before the world wakes is a wonderful thing…even if it comes from an unwilling start!

  8. Sue says:

    I am not a morning person either, but what a beautiful way to start the day!
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  9. Pat says:

    It won’t be long before Lincoln is complaining about you waking him up! Wish I could start every day like this. 🙂

  10. Kismet says:

    Because of all that digging in the sand, are you certain that you don’t have Rhodesian Terriers?


    wonderful friday pick me up video – love Lincoln’s smile and the pups wild play – stick sharing 101 staring Penny and Zero – thanks for sharing

  12. jy195 says:

    Will, what are you using for video? Do you have a favorite editor? Besides Link, penny and zero of course..

  13. Will (MarkingOurTerritory.com) says:

    I’ll have video evidence that I’m only return the favor!

  14. Will (MarkingOurTerritory.com) says:

    A beach full of sticks but they both just have to have that one!

  15. Will (MarkingOurTerritory.com) says:

    I shoot both photo and video on my Sony A77ii and edit them in Adobe Premiere

  16. Great and happy video. I’m up every morning before dawn with Teddy – he’s an early riser and so am I. It’s our “quiet time” and we play and get silly together before David is up. This is my way of starting with a smile on my face because sharing it with someone or something is SPECIAL as the light brightens up the sky. It’s a “new start” and that’s the BEST feeling of all with the ones (dogs or humans) you love.

    Pam and Teddy

  17. jy195 says:

    Thx Will! I’m using an rx100 right now but I’m thinking of switching to an alpha.

  18. Emmadog says:

    Mom is a total morning person. She wakes us up before sunrise every day. Luckily, we can stay in bed for a bit while she works for an hour or so, and then we all go for our walks or runs. It’s our favorite part of the day because it is so peaceful.

  19. Murphy's Law says:

    If this video doesn’t make you smile, nothing will! Lincoln is just precious. It won’t be much longer before he will be running around on the beach!!

    And of course the two four-footed kids have to play with one stick……because they couldn’t possibly each find a stick. Lol. Love to watch dogs in a friendly game of ‘tug’.

  20. stef luciano says:

    Such a beautiful post! LOVED seeing Linc..he is a pretty good-lookin’ rooster. Have a great weekend Will and thank you as always!

  21. Siddy watched your two intensely – he too would love to greet the sun on the beach – sigh!! Thanks Will 🙂

  22. coastingnz says:

    There is a lot to be said for being up early I’m the earlybird here – mainly thanks to our boys who then promptly go back to bed but I stay up and get to see the sunrise while the rest of the house is sleeping. Can’t believe how big Zero has got – he makes Penny look like a little puppy again – well almost lol Happy Easter to you all.

  23. Anne says:

    Great perspective on life once again. I loved the way Lincoln glanced up and looked at you so lovingly the most. ☺️

  24. mandy says:


  25. Elyse says:


  26. Beautiful! Luckily for me, Obi is not an early morning pup. His idea of early is 9a.

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