Welcome to NYC

The drive from New Jersey to midtown Manhattan is less than twenty-five miles, but as any commuter can tell you, those might be the longest twenty-five miles on planet earth.  The trip through the Lincoln Tunnel wasn’t as bad as expected, but the midtown traffic was worse.

Neither rain, nor gridlock could keep us from our destination

With the streets looking more like a parking lot, I had plenty of time to snap a few photos.  Eventually though, we did make it to our destination – Hotel Sofitel – or HoSo, as Mr. Eko likes to call it.  Located just a few blocks from Times Square, the Sofitel offers a great central location to explore the city.  The Sofitel is a French outfit and the French are known dog lovers, so pets are welcome with open arms.

The hotel even gives you a “Pet In Room” sign to hang on your dog

Eko would not stop talking about how handsome the other dog in the room was

Eko says the “Pet In Room” sign is supposed to hang on the door, but we’ll just agree to disagree on that one.  We’re heading out for a walk now , but we would love to hear from some New Yorker’s about their favorite pet-friendly spots to visit.  Even better, we could meet you there.

Let us know where we should go by leaving a comment here, shooting us an email at willandeko@gmail.com or sending us a tweet @WillandEko.  Hope to see some of you out there!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to NYC”

  1. ahahahaha now I know what Wyatt should dress up as for next halloween ) Hope you guys had a great Christmas at home!! And happy New Year!!

  2. Nice, we will be down near Chelsea tomorrow so we’ll definitely check it out. Wyatt is a serious international traveler. He’s like the James Bond of dogs.

  3. Ahh NYC, Wyatts other favorite city!! He said to tell Eko to check out Spot at 145 W. 20th St. if youre down near Chelsea its an awesome, store, daycare, groomer, all-around epic dog spot ) Also if youre walking down 20th be sure to look out for Elmo, the most massive english mastiff youll ever meet! Hes really sweet too!!

  4. Happy holidays you two from Jamie Boy, Baby Girl and dmamatoo in southern Louisiana. We are taking our winter vacation through your travels. Thanks.


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