Magnolia Plantation

After tempting the fates by playing in gator inhabited water at the dog park it seemed like a prudent idea to stick to land yesterday.  We made the twenty minute drive to Magnolia Plantation, the country’s oldest public gardens, but to be honest, I almost turned around when I looked out the window as we pulled down the driveway.

dog friendly charleston

Here we go again…rolling the dice with our lives

Magnolia Plantation is an expansive estate with plenty to see and dogs are welcome everywhere on the grounds outside of the house.  The resident weimaraner even came over to say hi to Eko while I was buying my ticket.  Eko made fast friends with the dog, but little did Eko realize that there were plenty of other friends waiting on the other side of the gate.

dog friendly charleston

Our trip literally turned into a dog and pony show

That’ll do, donkey. That’ll do.

I tried to explain to Eko to be careful since he didn’t seem to read the sign, but he brushed me off saying that while the horses may bite, there were no donkey warning signs.  And not just the equines were interested in Eko:

dog friendly charleston

The turkeys and I enjoyed an old-fashioned Ridgback/Billy Goat staring contest

The other really great part about Magnolia Gardens is that dogs are welcome aboard the narrated tram tour of the plantation.

dog friendly charleston

We were enjoying the peaceful view of the lake, when suddenly….

dog friendly charleston


When the tram ride ended, our guide cheerfully said that we could walk back over to the lake to look for gators.  We declined.  Instead we decided to explore the gardens that surround the property.

I was told that everyone takes a photo of this bridge – so I figured I should too.

This is how I prefer my gators – made of metal and playing the banjo

We spent all afternoon wondering the grounds at Magnolia, but we easily could have spent all day.  It is an absolutely beautiful property and your dog will enjoy the grounds as much as you do.

The highlight of the trip came in the waning moments of our visit.  As we were getting ready to leave, one southern woman gave us the highest form of praise someone from south of the Mason-Dixon line can give a northerner –  “You and that dog ain’t so bad for a couple of New Jersey boys!”

Me and my not so bad dog have a pretty extreme adventure prepared today, so if we survive that we are definitely looking to celebrate this afternoon.  Let us know if you’re around.  As always, Eko’s buying.

1 thought on “Magnolia Plantation”

  1. Will Eko:
    Ya gotta show a little backbone with the gators here in the South. If you play a round of golf on Hilton Head and dont spot a gator in EVERY water hazard youre probably not looking. The gators hardly ever eat anyone or any of mans best friends.
    Most southerners dont have an irrational fear of dining in an Italian restaurant in New Jersey for fear of being whacked as part of the collateral damage from a mob hit, The South is a friendly place.


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