Dog Friendly Denver: A Room To Zoom

The existence of dog parks is the only reason I’m currently not in an insane asylum – though some will argue I should have been put in one long ago.  If Eko doesn’t get a good run every few days his frantic pacing around the hotel room is unbearable.  Dog parks aren’t somewhere you want to visit when it’s cold and snowing out, so that’s why I love places like Zoom Room where Eko gets to play and I get to keep feeling in my extremities.

The heated indoor park at Zoom Room includes a full range of agility equipment and Eko was eager to take full advantage of it.

dog friendly denver

“Come on man, just let me go play!”

dog friendly denver

Eko likes to visualize the jumps beforehand, he says it’s what the pros do

dog friendly denver

Houston Denver, we have liftoff

dog friendly denver

While it looks like he’s hanging from invisible strings, Eko was actually mid-jump

All play and no work makes Eko a tired boy

Zoom Room was the perfect antidote to Eko’s cabin fever.  It’s always great to have a place indoors for your dog to play and the $5 I spent for use of the open gym might just be the best $5 I spend all week.  If you’re in Denver and the weather’s not cooperating, Zoom Room is definitely the place to tire your pup out before you hit the slopes.

On an unrelated note, I am of the firm belief that Eko is part dinosaur.  The weather finally broke, so I am going to take Eko to visit some of his ancestors at Dinosaur Ridge.  The park’s site mentions that there are tons of fossils, but the site doesn’t say either way whether they also breed living dinosaurs.  I’m holding out hope, but I’ll let you know how it goes either way.

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